5 Keys to Designing an IP Camera System

By Crystal Newton on Aug 8th, 2014 12:34 PM

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Protecting your assets is one of the most important aspects of running a business, and investing in an IP camera system is an effective way to ensure that your property is properly looked after 24/7. Of course, IP cameras are not the only part of a truly sufficient security system--often accompanying access control and alarm systems--but they play a large role.

There are many benefits that IP camera systems bring, including:

  • building entrance security
  • theft, building damage and intrusion prevention
  • parking lot crime aversion
  • employee monitoring

When setting up an IP surveillance camera, you will want to consider a number of elements in the overall system design for the most thorough surveillance over your property. Here are some ways to design a system that best suits your business facility.

1. Have Internet Service to Support Your System

Before considering an IP camera system, you should make sure you have WiFi or a mobile broadband connection installed. In addition to this, you will also need a securitymonitor from a security company or a desktop or laptop computer to control and monitor your system.

2. Consider What Puts Your Business at Risk

There is nocamera system that is perfect for every type of property. You should determine which areas of your property are vulnerable to intrusion, or if your business would benefit from keeping an eye on employees as well. When surveilling employees is the goal, you should also consider whether or not you want them aware of your surveillance system, and place cameras in more hidden locations if you want to keep them unaware.

3. Figure Out How Many Cameras You Need

Larger properties with multiple entry points and large areaswill require more cameras, while smaller buildings may only require one or two. Buildings with wide parking lots may even benefit from the installation of long-range cameras in several locations. In many cases, you can find IP cameras available in packs of four or more.

4. Figure Out What You can Afford

Spending money on an IP camera system that properly protects your building could wind up helping your business monetarilyin the long run, preventing costly intrusions and allowing you to identify perpetrators or even catch employees taking part in activities that harm your business. Building damage is also more avoidable with camera installation.

However, spending too much on a security system could supply you with more of a financial burden than sufficient security, particularly where maintenance is concerned. You should be willing to spend money on equipment that is both reliable and easy to monitor and control, but figure out how much of your finances is available before making a final decision on a particular product.

5. Choose The Right Spots for Installation

You may have a general idea of where you want to place your IP camera system, but make sure cameras are positioned in such a way that allows them to see as much as possible in those areas. Look for possible blind spots and try to keep those in view of cameras to prevent exploitation of those areas. You should also make sure that cameras are directly facing any valuables that are potential targets for theft.

When you are searching for the perfect IP cameras, choose surveillance equipment that will hold up well, and don't forget to consider the other aspects of a solid business building security system to protect your assets. Your facility's security is not something that should be taken lightly.


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