5 Safety Tips for Grilling

By Crystal Newton on May 25th, 2015 03:23 AM

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grill safety

It's grilling season!  We all love tasty steak, chicken and sausage cooked up on the grill. Unfortunately, grilling comes with some dangers. If you are not mindful of what your are doing and how to properly operate the grill, you could easily start a fire or burn yourself.  Here are five tips to keep your food delicious and your home safe.

1.  Do not use lighter fluid to start up your grill. 

It is not only unhealthy but it is extremely dangerous. If you use too much lighter fluid, you can create a large fire that might spread to your deck, yourself and possibly even your home. You must remember that your grill has to potential to create smoke and fire just like any other cooking appliance. Make sure that you have equipped your home with state of the art smoke/heat detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors to help prevent a disaster.

2.  Never leave the grill unattended!

Someone should always be situated by the grill. If you leave the grill to play a lawn game or do yard work, you run the risk that the smoke and flames will become too powerful. They will burn all of your food and could even seep out of the grill and spread to your deck or home. Do not rely on a child to monitor the grill. Children should not be trusted around fire and smoke. Explain to them that the grill is a very dangerous machine that can cause serious burns and even death.

3.  Keep the grill isolated.

While it is tempting to place your grill right in the middle of all the summer action, this is a mistake. Be smart and position your grill in a secluded area that is far away from play spaces, deck railings, trees, siding and other objects. Look for as open of an area as you can find so that you can grill safely and not worry about sending smoke toward areas used for lawn games or setting something on fire. Do not bring your grill indoors. It is tempting to grill inside during the cold months but it is not worth the risk. It is also a mistake to grill in other enclosed areas like tents and garages. Grilling in these spaces could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

4.  Dress to impress!

Wear tight clothes while you grill so that your sleeves do not dangle down into the grill's flames. All it takes is a split second of contact with a flame for your clothing to catch fire. If you wear bracelets that dangle, remove them from your wrists before you grill to prevent them from catching on fire or burning. If you have long hair, it is imperative that you pull it back into a ponytail or another style that keeps it far away from the grill.

5.  Grill from afar.

Try to avoid leaning over the grill so that you reduce exposure to the flames. Stay at a safe distance and use a long handled grilling tool to flip the meat. This way, you will not risk your personal health to reach those burgers in the back of the grill.

You can have a blast while grilling up some tasty meats for you and your family if you take precautions and stay focused on the grill. Read your grill's manual and follow the safety tips presented above to keep everyone safe and cook up amazing (and unburnt) food. Take the extra step of equipping your home with Bates Security's fire/smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. They can be added to your Bates home security system with ease. Each will be monitored around the clock so that the proper authorities are contacted in the event of an emergency.


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