Alarm Installation: DIY versus Professional Services

By Crystal Newton on Apr 10th, 2014 01:34 AM

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Do-it-yourself (DIY) alarm systems can be a tempting option when deciding between home alarm system providers. DIY systems are targeted to lay consumers with a low investment and no monthly costs. Homeowners see the price and believe they are getting a cost-effective deal.

However, these systems lack options and safeguards when it comes to installation, warranties and features. Money saved can lead to very expensive complications later. Professional home alarm systems offer features and guarantees which make them the better decision when choosing a home alarm system.

Competent and Correct Installation

DIY systems are just that: DIY. You purchase a kit and follow the directions for installation. The kits contain the basics: door and window sensors, key rings for remote activation and a keypad/panel.

If these systems are not installed correctly, a homeowner risks substantial costs from malfunction. Motion detectors that are not properly tuned may fail to detect a break-in or produce false alarms. Break-ins are expensive in terms of lost property, damage and feelings of insecurity, and false alarms result in the police or homeowner's associations assessing fines against the homeowner.

A professional installer of home alarm systems will have the training to tune sensors so that they do not false when your cat is playing but do send signals if there is an unauthorized entry. Homeowners rarely have the skills and knowledge to create this balance in an alarm system.

Technical Support and Warranties

Very few DIY systems come with technical support or warranties. If they stop working, you will need to pay for the repair or expense from a third party. Fines from false alarms will also be the responsibility of the individual.

Home security companies offer warranties that will repair shortcomings and even pay fines if the system produces false alarms. Professional installation gives you a back-up that you will not have with a DIY system.

Notification Options

Home alarm systems offered by a professional installation service have more notification options. For one, they are programmed to alert police or the fire department directly, rather than just the homeowner who then must take time from work or vacation to deal with the alarm.

DIY systems are limited to detecting break-ins. Professional home alarm systems can also detect fire, broken pipes, carbon monoxide gas or other at-home catastrophes.

Notification continues in professional home alarm systems even if there is a power outage. With a back-up power supply, your home will remain secure even if the power is off. That is not a feature included with most DIY systems.

Bates Security systems offer many features and can be customized within your budget. With professional installation and monitoring, you are assured of a low chance of failure and a high chance of success that your home will remain secure.  Our staff is background checked upon employment and randomly drug tested though employment.  Our technicians are professionally trained.  Our products are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime equipment and service warranty.  


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