Back-to-School Security Basics

By Crystal Newton on Aug 13th, 2015 01:23 PM

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It's back-to-school time in the Bluegrass! It is time to turn our attention to the books and keeping our children safe when we can't be with them. Most parents have taught their children a course of action in the event of an emergency. However, providing your kids with a refresher course might make the difference between a happy, safe student and unnecessary injuries. Below, we outline a few quick tips that you can go over with your little one to ensure that he stays safe and sound throughout the school year.

Interactions With Adults

Kids need to know that some strangers are likely to be helpful while others should be viewed as possible threats. Make sure that your kids can distinguish firemen, policemen and emergency personnel from random strangers on the street.

Map out a Safe Route to School

If your child walks to school or the bus stop, he will likely encounter some traffic and cross streets. If possible, walk with him or drive him. If you have to be at work by a specific time, find out if any of his friends' parents are willing to chaperone him along with their children. As a last resort, plan the safest possible route for your youngster and have him walk with a buddy. Guide him away from areas with heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Backpack Safety

A child's backpack should not weigh more than 10 percent of his body weight. Do not invest in a backpack until you have found one with thick shoulder straps. Straps with ample padding will prevent back and shoulder pain.

Emergency Protocol

Though we would like to shield our kids from the world's dangers, it is imperative that we speak with them about what should be done in the event of an emergency. Put your cell phone number into your child's cell phone under the acronym of "ICE” so he can quickly call home in an emergency. ICE stands for "in case of emergency”. If something happens to your child, he will call ICE or someone will do it on his behalf. Also, teach your child about the importance of dialing 911 during an emergency. If your kids are of the proper age, enroll them in a CPR and/or a first aid course for extra security.

Home Security

Kids need to be cognizant of home security. They should know how to close the garage door, lock doors inside the house and arm the home security system. Teach your kids to head to a trusted neighbor's home in the event that they see something out of the ordinary with your home. Examples include broken windows, open doors and an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway.

Protect Your Children While in the Home

While we can protect our children when they are in our sight, we cannot do much when they are home alone. A home security system will provide you with the peace of mind that you desire and the safety that your family deserves. Reach out to Bates Security today to learn more about your home security options.


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