Best Home Security Systems for Renters

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Burglaries can happen anywhere.  From the victorian mansion downtown to the rental apartments right next door, burglars will target any building that looks to be vulernable with easy access inside.  While the majority of all residential alarm systems are installed by a homeowner, renters should also consider the benefits of a monitored alarm system.

Most renters do not have an alarm system because they do not plan on being in the same location for as long as an alarm system contract is required.  Renters cannot easily move a traditionally hard wired home alarm system from one location to the next.  Renters, both professional and student renters, deserve the same level of protection homeowners enjoy. Hard wired home alarm systems are not a good choice for renters. Hard wired alarm systems may not even be an option, depending on the landlord's leasing stipulations.  There is, however, a new and flexible alarm system that fits the needs of renters and homeowners alike: a wireless security system.

Unlike traditional options, wireless security systems can move with you. They can be installed in a minimal amount of time and be easily be relocated. Below are some of the benefits such a system offers.

  • Safety

Installing a wireless security system means your system will communicate via cellular monitoring. This is much safer than installing hard wired systems that use your home phone line. Burglars can cut your telephone wire before they break in. Bad weather and other unavoidable accidents in the neighborhood can also bring lines down too. With cellular monitoring, you are guaranteed that your home is safe and secure all the time.

  • Ease of Use

Wireless systems are hassle-free. No telephone line or internet service is required for system communication.  Remote options for a wireless security system make the convenience of arming/disarming your system available anywhere! Connect to your home alarm system with your smart phone or laptop and forget about forgetting to arm your system when you leave for work!

  • Flexibility

Your wireless security system can move with you, anytime and anywhere. As a renter, this level of flexibility or mobility is perfect. You can easily place security sensors anywhere to fit your new home. Make sure to find a company that will assist you in reinstalling the alarm system at your new location.

  • Choosing the Right Company

Shopping for the best home security systems for renters is easier than it seems. Most companies require a contract before you can install a wireless system to your house or apartment. The only challenge is that all companies will claim that they have the best product. So how will you choose?

Start by comparing services and features, not prices. The cheapest is not necessarily the most cost-effective. For total security, look for a complete home monitoring system that covers all types of emergencies.

Watch out for hidden fees and extra charges. It is very common for security companies to entice customers with low prices. Ask someone from the company to explain their pricing scheme clearly and openly.

If you plan to have one installed, find a local company willing to relocate your system should you move. A reputable company can ease your burden of packing and moving.  Wireless options are great for student renters, as many landlords will add a security system to increase the value of their home.  Alarm contracts can be transferred and the new tenants can pickup payment easily.


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