Best Options for Retail Security Systems

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Shoplifting and other retail-related crimes can be a serious drag on the bottom line. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, over 13 billion dollars worth of goods are stolen from retail stores each year. That averages to about 35 million dollars worth of stolen goods per day. Obviously, shoplifting is a serious problem for retailers and society as a whole. The good news is that there are many modern security solutions that can protect your business from shoplifters, break-ins, employee theft, fraud and fires. Here are some of the security systems available that will give you peace of mind, and save you money on your bottom line.

Verified Video and Audio Security

Verified video and audio security systems are different from older security systems because they are monitored at all hours by highly skilled, well-trained operators. To defend against break-ins, verified systems employ hi-tech sensors that protect all points of entry. When one of the sensors is triggered, an operator is alerted. The operator then verifies a break-in in progress, either through audio or visual means depending on the system, then alerts the proper authorities.

There are many benefits to verified security systems. For one, there is an extremely low false alarm rate, saving trouble for both you and law enforcement. Law enforcement response times are also significantly decreased with verified security systems, because they know that they are responding to a verified crime in progress. The average response time can be as little as seven minutes. There are also no loud alarms, so the criminal will not be aware that law enforcement is coming. All of these aspects dramatically increase apprehension rates. Verified video also provides valuable evidence in cases of break-ins, shoplifting, fraud and other crimes for later prosecution.

Monitoring Employee Activity

Access control allows you to stay in control of the movement of employees and customers. Access cards are used to open doors to restricted areas, and people can only get into rooms for which they have the card, so customers will not be able to enter restricted areas. Access control also generates entrance and exit reports, so that you can keep track of employee activity. Each system can have multiple levels of cards, to give different employees access to restricted areas based on need. With cards, there is no need for employees to remember passwords, and alarms are disarmed and re-armed as employees move around, which prevents employee-generated false alarms. Access control is also constantly monitored by operators, who can spot discrepancies and contact you or law enforcement as needed.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

For the protection of you, your employees, your building and your valuable merchandise, monitored smoke detectors are a vital element of a comprehensive security system. As with the verified video, audio and access control security systems, monitored smoke detectors are managed by operators 24 hours a day. At the first sign of smoke or high carbon monoxide levels an alarm sounds, and the operator can immediately contact the fire department. During a fire, one of the most critical elements for safety is timely notification. Monitored smoke detectors save lives.

Though the issues facing retailers are many, there are effective security system solutions to deal with all of them. The cost of installing a modern, comprehensive security system pales in comparison to the potential losses from break-ins, shoplifting, fraud or fire. With a monitored security system, monitored smoke detectors and access control, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that your business is being watched and protected by highly skilled security professionals 24 hours a day.


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