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Local means close to home. This meaning of the word can be taken for granted. But consider the impact of it. A local company understands your neighborhood. It is their business to know the community, the schools, the crime statistics, everything that involves keeping you and your family safe. This information is vital in designing a security plan tailored to your personal needs.

For example, weather happens. Kentucky residents know this better than anyone. A tornado or any other weather crisis could impair telecommunication. In these situations, it helps to have someone close by monitoring your home security, someone who understands your predicament and is prepared for any emergency. A corporation based in Cleveland has no idea of what it is like to live in Lexington. In this regard, the term "localized business" is, by itself, synonymous with security.

There are other benefits to be had in dealing with an alarm installation company that is owned and operated right in your own neck of the woods. Here are just a few.

All Under One Roof

  • A local company does not know the meaning of the word "outsource." Local is local. That means all the work is handled by one company and one company alone. Alarm installation needs to be done in this manner. The people that install your security system are coworkers of the people who service and provide updates once it is done. This close-knit workforce is essential in providing good checks and balances within a company.


  • Giant conglomerates are by their very nature hard to penetrate for information. You do not always know just who is at the helm. Think about it. What exactly do you know about the owner of your phone provider?  

  • Local security companies are often grass roots organization, started by experts with a passion for the job. A good security company will have an experienced professional at the helm, someone knowledgeable in all aspects of law enforcement.

Partners in Protection

  • The security industry is all about protection. A local alarm installation company has the benefit of being able to collaborate with local police and fire departments. This way it can be well versed in local zoning laws and ordinances. There is virtually no other way to produce a custom fit for customers. Large corporations have no way of achieving this beyond their method of depersonalized, remote involvement.

Not Another Robot

  • One of the biggest frustrations of dealing with giant alarm installation corporations has to do with finding a human being to talk to. Being constantly shuttled from one automated menu to another can leave you mashing the phone keypad out of sheer frustration. A small company is one filled with real people on hand to answer your questions. Getting someone on the line is never a problem.

Protection is a serious business, but there is no reason it cannot be a business that revolves around the greater good of your community. Localization helps bring people together. Putting this simple fact into practice is the hallmark of good customer service, and personalized service is a hallmark of good business. 


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