Beware of the Door Knockers

By Crystal Newton on May 11th, 2015 03:40 AM

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While everyone respects another's right to earn a living, plenty of home security system salesmen use unscrupulous tactics when pushing their products. The problem has gotten so bad that the nation's consumer protection agency, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) along with state Attorney Generals have cautioned homeowners to beware of security system sales agents.

Bates Security prides itself in selling home security systems in an honorable and dignified manner. We do not use deceptive and high pressure sales tactics to recruit customers. Unfortunately, some of our competitors have gone as far as pretending to be our sales agents or agents of other home security companies. They will identify themselves as Bates Security representatives and offer to extend current security system contracts only to switch the equipment over to their own and have the homeowners sign new contracts on the spot. Unsuspecting homeowners think that they will continue to do business with Bates Security or their current security system provider and sign the extension without hesitation.

Do not believe the sales pitch that a generic home security salesman makes at your front door. Before you consider the merits of his words, you should do some vetting. Ask for identification. Check for his vehicle to see if it is marked with the company's name or logo. Remember, you have every right to question salesmen and you do not have to let anyone into your home.

Be especially cautious of sales agents who make time-limited offers that require immediate action. These are almost always scam. Even if he promises that the equipment is free or the first six months are offered at a reduced rate, there are likely some nasty strings attached like long term contracts. Other unsavory salesmen will use scare tactics like speaking about a string of burglaries in your neighborhood or town over the past few weeks or months. Unfortunately, many unethical companies train their sales agents to lie about such events in order to pressure homeowners into paying for a home security system.

There are even home security sales agents who will search out homes that have signs or stickers indicating that there is a competitor's home security system installed on the property. This is an especially disturbing tactic because they are targeting unsuspecting homeowners who assume that the representative showing up at their door is from their current security company. The salesman will then state that he is there to replace or upgrade the security system. In reality, he is there to install a totally new system and have you sign the paperwork to switch over to a new home security company.

At Bates Security, we take pride in doing business in a moral manner. We hire only the best professional salesmen after extensively checking into their backgrounds. We also randomly drug test our employees throughout their employment. You can recognize each of our sales agents by either their ID badge or their Bates Security branded vehicle. If you do not see these forms of identification and the salesman claims to represent Bates Security, decline his sales pitch and close your door.

We even go as far as e-mailing a profile sheet of our sales agents to customers before their scheduled appointments. The profile sheet will have the agent's photo, biography and contact information. This way, you can rest easy knowing that the sales agent who shows up to your door is legitimate. We are also proud to be members of numerous local and national organizations like the Better Business Bureau, Commerce Lexington, NAHB, the Electronic Security Association, NFPA, Bluegrass Crime Stoppers and more.


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