Can You Control your Alarm System Remotely?

By Crystal Newton on Apr 21st, 2014 11:30 AM

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Today's technological advancements has had an impact on every facet of life including your ability to seemingly be in two places at one time. Instead of having a clone, remote alarm systems have given you the ability to view live video footage, get important updates and ultimately have a presence in your home regardless of your location. Some of the newest technological advancements in remote alarm systems extend this control to another level. Continue reading about remote alarm systems to learn about some of the newest advancements in home security.

Real-Time Alerts

With Bates Connect remote alarm systems, you can effectively set your alarm system to alert you when certain events occur. You can receive text messages, emails or real-time video alerts, which will keep you in the know. Bates Connect's real-time alerts has a plethora of uses, but some of the most practical uses are:

  • Receive notifications when your child gets home from school or whether your child is home by a curfew.
  • Receive notifications when you when the system is alarmed or disarmed.
  • Receive notifications when certain cabinets are opened, such as a liquor cabinets.
  • Receive notifications when an elderly parent summons emergency assistance, presses the panic button or leaves the premises.
  • Receive notifications when certain locked areas are accessed or opened.
  • Receive notifications if your motion detection senses motion in your home or outside your home.
  • Receive alerts if certain valuable assets like large flat screen TVs, jewelry boxes, computers, etc. are moved.
  • Stay informed with extreme temperatures or likely flood weather is detected.

Video Services

With your smartphone, tablet or laptop you can directly look in on your home as long as you have access to a secure high speed internet connection. This means you can be on a Carnival Cruise and get live visual footage of your home while you are sailing the Carribbean.With these type of capabilities, Bates Connect allows you to not worry about what is happening in your absence because you can see for yourself. In addition to viewing live streaming video, you can also take snapshots, view stored video clips, have pictures emailed to you and record footage for later.

While you are viewing your footage, you will be in complete control. With the ability to view all of the cameras at on a single screen, you can easily get multiple perspectives on your home. In addition, you will be able to pan, view multiple angles, and tilt the camera to get the perfect view. Since the cameras are easy to move or relocate, Bates Connect makes securing you home and gaining a piece of mind as simple as possible. In addition, you can get real-time updates and video clips, which will indicate when certain events occur. With Bates Connect remote alarm systems, you can choose the exact events you want to record based on a schedule or motion detection.

Remote Energy & Home Management

As the latest technology in remote alarm systems, Bates Security's newest system allows you to have ultimate control in energy and home management. This service comes with a high resolution touchscreen for managing your locks, lighting, thermostat, and much more. This state-of-the-art keypad includes a browser, so you can even get insight about the weather, traffic and the latest news. When you combine Bates Connect remote alarm systems with the brilliantly illuminated keypad, you gain total control of your energy and home management. You will even gain the ability to control your lights, security system, all applicable locks and thermostat conveniently from your smartphone or computer.


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