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By Crystal Newton on Oct 30th, 2014 09:10 AM

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Though Halloween is often one of the holidays that families look forward to throughout the year, it can be a more dangerous day than many people realize. Due to an increased number of people out on the streets and in cars, it becomes much easier for accidents to occur. From drunk driving to vandalism, there are a number of things a parent or guardian may find themselves worrying about when their children go out trick or treating. Fortunately, there are many safety tips and preventative measures that you and your children can take to help keep everyone safe on Halloween.

Safety Tips for You and Your Family

When it comes to keeping you, your family, and your home safe on Halloween, there are actually a number of actions and steps you can take. Some safety tips you should consider include:

  • Make sure an adult is accompanying younger children while out trick or treating.  Use this opportunity to teach your children about looking left and right and listening before crossing the street.  Only cross the street at corners and crosswalks.
  • If your kids are older and are going without an adult, make sure that they and you know exactly where they are trick or treating. Map out a route with them. If the area in which they are going trick or treating is further away, make sure they are driving there or have a ride. It is usually best to choose a more populated area where a number of people and adults will be trick or treating.
  • Be cautious about the type of costume your child wears. You want to make sure that all materials are somewhat flame retardant, as kids will be around lit pumpkins and other flammable items. You will also want to make sure that their costume fits them appropriately, as something that is too big/long on them could cause them to trip or have other, similar accidents.
  • Warn your kids to wait to eat their candy and goodies until they get home or around an adult so the adult can check the items they have received. If you think your kid cannot wait, make sure to be clear that they should only eat candy that in pre-wrapped and could not have been opened and re-wrapped. You can also make sure to provide your kids with a larger meal or snack before trick or treating to fill them up.
  • Put reflective tape on your child's costume if they are wearing only dark colors.  Glow sticks are also a fun way to make your child seen by passers by.
  • Try to choose masks that won't obscure your child's vision or forgo masks altogether by using makeup.
  • As a driver, be extra cautious on Halloween.  Take extra time to look for kids in intersections, medians and curbs.  

Halloween is a holiday that you, your friends, and your kids should enjoy without having to fear for your safety and well being. Though there is nothing you can do to prevent other people from acting carelessly or maliciously, you can take these and other preventative measures to better ensure you and your loved ones' safety.


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