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By Crystal Newton on Oct 3rd, 2014 10:38 AM

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October is finally here - and so is Crime Prevention Month. Soon we will be engulfed in a splurge of activity as industry leaders try to pass the message across on how best to curb crime. Security firms and concerned organizations will be updating us on the local and regional crime situation and we can definitely expect keynote addresses from some of the world leaders. It’s in the interest of everyone so we should all be excited that October is finally here.

Technology in the fight against crime

Technology has recently proved to be one of the run-to weapons in the war against crime. Social media makes it possible to receive news updates as they happen, at home or away, even on vacation.  Television shows such as Fox's 24 show high-tech security cameras and GPS devices that pinpoint exact locations of would-be criminals, making police apprehension rates sky rocket.  However, among all devices, the mobile phone has proved the most effective at making the world a safer place. Maybe it’s their size and mobility, but mobile phones are currently the preferred tool when protecting homes and businesses.

Use of phones for home and business security

The idea is simple:  because you carry your mobile phone everywhere you go, if you can control your home and/or office appliances from the phone then it becomes easy to improve the security of these places.

For example, if you can check your front door lock from the office, then you should be able to tell whether or not the door is locked. If no one is home and it’s open, something might be wrong! Advanced home security providers offer you an application that actually tells you whether or not the door is locked and actually alerts you in case changes occur when you’re away. A message (SMS or email) will be sent to you informing you that a door which was previously locked is now open, enabling you to take timely appropriate action.

Bates Security provides Bates Connect which allows you to monitor your home from your mobile device. We can integrate your home surveillance system with a security app installed in your phone in such a way that you can tell if there is movement in the home. You can actually monitor more than one home and will receive timely messages for specific events.  With Bates Connect, you can also create scenes and schedules that turn your lights on and off at certain times of the day, alluding to your neighbors and would-be intruders that someone is home.

Integrated to cover the entire home or office

One of the major benefits of this type of security is that it is complete convenience to the home or business owner.  Checking in on employees or pets has never been easier.  Cleaning crew coming by your home and you have a meeting?  No problem!  Simply unlock the door for them when they arrive via your smart phone and lock the doors back when they leave.  Forget to arm the security system because you were running late for work?  With just the press of a few buttons on your mobile phone, your system is armed.  

Most modern systems also allow monitoring and control of thermostats and home appliances. Turn off the coffee pot or your daughter's hair straightener with the push of a button.

The use of mobile phones to control security is technology that has come a long way and can only get better. Homes and businesses alike find that remote security is more convenient and millions of people have already installed home automation systems. While there could be adjustments to be made in bettering the technology, there is no denying that it should be the highlight of the Crime Prevention Month.


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