Do Home Security Systems Really Deter Burglars?

By Crystal Newton on Oct 13th, 2015 09:15 AM

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If you own a home, you probably know how to take care of it.  If you have ever considered installing a home security system, now is the time.  Crime in Lexington is, unfortunately, on the rise.  While some people think that the system's sticker on the front window or sign in the yard will not be enough to deter a burglar, the truth is that any indication of a security system makes a significant impact on a burglar's psyche.

Burglars Really are Intimidated by Home Security Systems

Numerous studies have found that the typical burglar who scouts out a home is much less likely to carry out a burglary if he finds evidence of a home security system. As an example, a recent study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that an astounding 83 percent of convicted burglars attempted to figure out whether their targeted homes had security systems. Exactly one half of these burglars stated that they would abandon their plans to break-in once they discovered that the home was alarmed.

The Fuss that Burglars Detest

One of the primary benefits of a home alarmis the fact that it is loud and draws attention to the property. While the average burglar will consider busting a window to enter the house one time, he will not make much more noise than that. Doing so is much too risky. 

Most alarm systems are monitored and will contact emergency personnel as soon as the alarm is tripped.  This means that as soon as the burglar kicks the door in or breaks a window, police are already on their way.

The Power of Video Surveillance

A home security system with video surveillance does an amazing job of deterring burglars. When a burglar notices a camera installed on the house, most times his plans will change.  Properties can be observed in a remote manner through video surveillance. This means that homeowners and security experts can identify suspicious characters from afar and contact the authorities. The presence of a surveillance camera will also stir up thoughts in the burglar's mind regarding potential evidence that can be used against him in a court of law. To most burglars, being video taped in the process of robbing a home is just not worth the risk.

Home Security Systems Provide the Fastest Possible Response Time

As we previously mentioned, a home alarm or video surveillance system will also deter burglars due to the simple fact that these technologies boost response times. A burglar who spots a home alarm system will likely move on to a more vulnerable home without such a safeguard as he knows that he will have more time to break in and steal whatever he desires. He will also have more time to get away without being apprehended by the authorities. This is a stark contrast to a home monitored by a security system. A home alarm triggers a call to the authorities who will be on the scene in a matter of minutes. That does not give the burglar much time to get in, gather your valuables and make a clean exit.

Bates Security

Do not let a burglar enter your home without thinking twice. Give him all the doubt in the world by installing a high quality home security system complete with an alarm and video surveillance. It will deter any potential burglar and keep your family as well as your possessions safe. Reach out to ustoday to learn more about how our home security equipment will keep your property safe and sound.



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