Do I Need Monitored Smoke Detectors?

By Crystal Newton on Apr 30th, 2014 12:33 PM

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Quality smoke detectors are an essential part to keeping any household safe. An expert installed security system that can cover all the bases of life safety, including the possibility of a fire, is an important investment to consider. Smoke detectors that are monitored can drastically enhance the security of your family and beloved pets. If you are wondering why you should purchase new smoke detectors, you are not the only one. Enhancing home security continues to be a growing concern among Americans and monitored home security is an important step in that direction.

Enhanced Security

The major difference between monitored smoke detection systems versus traditional models is that traditional smoke detectors are often not integrated into your existing security system. Secondly, monitored smoke detectors offer individuals, pets and families a much faster response time in case of emergency or false alarm. Monitored protection can also work as a babysitter in cases when you are away on a business trip or vacation. Whether you are at home or away, monitored smoke detectors can drastically improve security by providing that element of human supervision that non-monitored smoke detectors simply do not provide.

24-7 Monitoring

Unlike your security system, your monitored smoke detectors are always on.  There is not an option of arming or disarming your life safety devices.  When a signal is received, emergency responders are automatically dispatched.  Life safety devices have a very low chance of sending false alarms and therefore, can be trusted to protect you and your family in the event of an emergency.  

A Personal Touch

One of the additional benefits to installing monitored smoke detectors is that it builds personal, trusting relationships with local experts who oversee all the elements of your security system 24/7. It is nice to know you can talk to a live person, day or night, in the case of either a false alarm or actual emergency. It is important to build relationships with the people who are responsible for your home security and this is why these smoke detectors have become a common feature in many home security systems today.

Home security options like monitored smoke detectors are offered by many professional local security companies throughout the United States. Local companies and their clients tend to form long-withstanding and trusting relationships. Many local companies can install the newest security components with expert reliability and competitive prices compared to national substitutes. Search online for local security companies and contact a local professional for more information on smoke detectors and other home security upgrades. If you are interested in the best smoke alarms possible, monitored smoke alarms incorporated into existing security infrastructure is the way to go.


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