Employee Spotlight - Tara Reynolds

By Crystal Newton on May 9th, 2014 11:48 AM

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Tara Reynolds is a native Lexingtonian. A passion for art, she graduated from Spencerian College in 2006 with a degree in Graphic Design. Tara also owns and operates Face Doodles, which is face painting and glitter tattoo service for events, parties and fundraisers. She is very active in her church and resides in Lexington with her husband and two children.


Q. How long have you worked at Bates Security?

A. I started working for ADR in September of 2002. I left the company and came back in 2008. Then we rebranded to Bates Security in 2011.  So I've actually been with the company on and off for 14 years! Wow, don't tell anyone.


Q. How did you get your job at Bates Security?

A. In 2002 I was working at a coffee shop downtown and one of my regular customers was Mark Sturgill, Bates Security's Fire Systems Engineer. He convinced me that my talents were better suited for Customer Service and he was right! I decided to leave for a publishing/printing job at Georgetown College in 2004, but it didn't work out.  In 2008, my former manager called me and asked me to come back. It was perfect timing.


Q. What are your job duties?

A. I am a Customer Service Center Representative. I am responsible for troubleshooting issues, customer training on their security systems and our interactive services and code and access changes. Maintaining good relationships with our customers with a smile.  Good thing I smile a lot!


Q. What is your favorite part about your job?

A. The paycheck ... I'm kidding! I absolutely love speaking with our customers, creating and maintaining good relationships. But, I would have to say, my favorite part would have to be the people I work with. I have a fun, caring and overall incredible group of co-workers. Not only are they great friends, but if there is ever a complication with a work task, everyone jumps on board immediately to help the other out.



s menefee said...

she is so pretty
and smart,kind,compassionate,these things help when dealing with PEOPLE.Love you.Mom

posted at 1:51 AM on Jun 10th 2014

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