Fire Prevention Week 2015

By Crystal Newton on Oct 5th, 2015 05:46 AM

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Fire Prevention Week 2015 is here, beginningon October 4th and endingon October 10th. Thisweek has been dedicated to the prevention of fires andtosave lives. The National Fire Protection Association has deemed the theme for Fire Prevention Week 2015 "Hear the Beep Where You Sleep," which stresses the importance of having a working smoke alarm in every bedroom in your home.

Fire Statistics You Need to Know
About one half of all deaths caused by home fires occur betweenthe hours of 11 PM and 7 AM – the time was the majority of us are sleeping. U.S. fire departments report that smoke alarms sounded inone halfof home fires between the years of 2007 and 2011. Aboutone-third of all home fire deaths occur in homes that do not have a smoke alarm.Three out of fivedeaths caused by home fires occur in buildings that lack a smoke alarm or aworkingsmoke alarm.

A Smoke Alarm can Save Your Life
If a fire occurs in the middle of the night, you might not have enough time to respond in the appropriate manner. A working smoke alarm vastly increases the chances that you will get yourself, your family and your pets out in time should a fire occur. Smoke from a fire can quickly move through the halls and into each room, threatening the lives of your loved ones. If you do not have a functional smoke alarm in your home, you will not have the advance notice you need to gather your family and make a successful exit. You may also consider amonitored smoke detector, which alerts emergency responders in the event of smoke detection.

Do not stop once you have installed smoke alarms in each bedroom. Continue to enhance your home's fireproofing by adding smoke alarms on each level of the home, outside of each individual sleeping space and even in the basement. Fires can start anywhere, regardless of a particular space's proximity to the home's kitchen. Donotneglect any area of the home. If you own a large home, it will require a considerable number of monitored smoke alarms.

Smoke detector batteries should be changed twice a year, generally when Daylight Saving’s Time occurs. Be sure to replace your home's smoke alarms once every 10 years to ensure that you have the latest technology in place to protect your valuables and your family. If you would like to learn more about smoke alarms, check out the Smoke Alarm Central component of the NFPA's website found at

Increase Fire Prevention Awareness Really can Save Lives
Aside from purchasing a monitored smoke detector, you can boost fire prevention awareness by educating yourself about the topic. Take a look at the information presented on the NFPA Fire Prevention Week website found at Once you have a firm grasp on fire prevention tactics and statistics, do your friends, family and co-workers a favor by spreading the word. Merely verbalizing the existence of fire prevention week might be enough to motivate someone in your life to install a smoke alarm, fire escape or another means of fire prevention.


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