Fire Safety for Kids: What's Changed in 10 Years?

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It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent household fires. Fire safety for both adults and kids works in two essential ways: first, fire safety helps your family to avoid a fire from ever occurring. This is the prevention aspect. But if a fire does occur, the second aspect of fire safety is having an action plan. This includes having all family members be aware of the emergency steps to take should a fire take place. The introduction of new technologies and increased methods of connectivity over the last ten years has improved fire safety and added new fire safety tips to emergency routines and fire prevention.


The best fire safety tips are how to prevent fires from beginning in the first place. To keep the whole family safe, consider some of the following fire safety tips.

1. Smoke detectors

Your household should have a smoke detector in the kitchen, every bedroom, and an additional one for each floor, located in a public space like a hallway or living room. Traditional smoke detectors generally operate on a 120 volt battery and work by simply making a loud noise or alarm to warn family members of smoke and with it the possibility of fire. These older alarms require routine, manual checking to be assured they are in proper working condition. Today, new monitored, low voltage smoke detectors offer improved fire safety options. These new devices are monitored through an existing alarm system and, in the event of smoke and fire, and in addition to sounding an alarm, an activation signal is sent to your emergency station. Additionally, a signal will be sent if your smoke detector is operating on a back-up battery or has otherwise lost power.

2. Fire extinguishers

Your household should have the same number of fire extinguishers as smoke detectors: one in the kitchen, every bedroom, and an additional unit for each floor. Every family member should know where the extinguishers are located and how to use them in the event of a fire. New fire extinguisher models are designed to cause minimal damage during use, are environmentally friendly, and are more efficient.

3. Check your appliances

Today, are households are filled with more electronic gadgets than ever before. In the last ten years, almost half of all house fires have been attributed to faulty electronics, appliances, and electrical wiring. Key fire safety tips include practicing proper electrical safety at home, and including kids in regular safety checks. Have your kids regularly check and inform you if any of their electronic devises or chargers feel hotter or begin operating unusually.

When fire occurs

Fire safety tips for escaping a household fire once it occurs have largely remained the same. While improved fire extinguishers are available to help diminish the fire, if it has spread throughout the house kids should be reminded of the following fire safety tips:

1. Touch any door before opening. If the door is hot, find an alternative escape route from the house.
2. Impress upon kids that they should never hide and wait for you in the event of the fire. If the fire alarm or monitored smoke detector has been activated, their first reaction should be to find a way to an established meet place outside.
3. And as always, keep low to the ground. In the event that someone’s clothes have caught on fire, stop, drop, and roll remains the number one fire safety tips to quickly kill the flames.

For more fire safety tips, or to learn about new improvements in emergency home care, contact the professionals at Bates Security today.


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