Home Alarm Systems in Lexington: Aren't They All the Same?

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Having an alarm system installed in your home can help police or other first responders get to the site of an emergency extremely quickly. This is because no matter where you are, almost all monitored home alarm systems are similar in certain ways, such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • Incorporating motion sensors or glass break detectors

  • Providing a deterrent to criminals who may try breaking in.

While just about every alarm system shares these attributes, there is one big area where there is very noticeable difference among providers: Service.

Providing quality customer service.

There are several different alarm companies that offer nationwide service, almost all of them work through independent contractors or franchise owners who do work on their behalf. In many cases, if something were to go wrong with the system, say a sensor breaks or the keypad needs replaced, a nationwide provider of home alarm systems may take several days, if not weeks, in order to get it fixed. By going with a local provider, you know that the company's headquarters is somewhere nearby and that any problem that might arise should be able to be fixed by a trained professional very quickly.

Some companies that offer alarms nationwide will offer promotions like a free system or free monitoring for a certain amount of time. They are able to do this because they churn through customers as fast as they can get them. They know that the probably cannot provide to top-level of service that is required out of an alarm company to make sure that home alarm systems, if they go down, only stay down for a minimal amount of time. Local companies value each and every customer since they have far fewer customers to work with. Timely service is a hallmark of most local alarm installers since if someone stops being a customer, the net effect on their bottom line is going to show up much more prominently as opposed to a national service with tens or hundreds of thousands of customers.

The importance of reviews.

When you do start looking for a business that installs home alarm systems, take a look around the internet for reviews. A large national company can afford to have some angry or dissatisfied customers because they can draw their business from the entire nation. You will very rarely see a lot of angry customers with a local service because that could mean all of their business might dry up, leaving them out of work. Check social media sites and do a thorough search on references to see what kind of experiences people are having with a specific installer, and if there are any problems, how long they took to fix it.


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