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By Crystal Newton on May 14th, 2014 09:50 AM

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When you are renting an apartment or house, you become an easy target for burglaries because burglars know renters are less likely to invest in security systems. Burglars tend to frequent apartment complexes and neighborhoods where college students live because they can easily pilfer laptops, digital cameras and other electronics to sell on the streets. College towns, like Lexington, are prime targets for rental home burglaries.

When thieves break into your home, paw through your belongings and take whatever they want, it makes you feel violated and helpless. If you want to protect yourself and your valuables, a wireless security system is the best way to do it.

Why Renters Need a Wireless Security System

Landlords usually do not want a security company compromising the structure of their property to accommodate the wires of a hardwired alarm. For this reason, wireless systems are a better option for renters. These alarms mount easily to the wall with double-sided tape or small screws, so there is no damage to the property. In addition, wireless security system are able to be moved from home to home, so if you only have a one year lease on a rental property, you may take the security system with you.

Other benefits to a wireless security system:

  • Wireless system communicate with the monitoring station via cellular towers - eliminating the need for a home phone line that most renters do not have.
  • Discount on Renter's Insurance.
  • Peace of Mind for parents of students in college town rental homes.
  • The ability to remote arm and disarm your system right from your smart phone or tablet eliminates the hassle of remembering to set the alarm each morning.

If you have a wireless alarm system and an intruder tries to enter your home, the alarm will sound and the authorities will be automatically dispatched. Even if the burglar manages to get through the front door or window, the sound of the alarm will likely send them scattering before they have the chance to swipe any of your valuables. If you happen to be home when a perp breaks in, the sound of the alarm will alert you and give you a chance to hide.

The cost of a security system is a small price to pay for a boost in safety. If you are still tinkering with the decision of whether or not to invest in a security system, consider this: Not all break-ins happen while renters are away. Some crooks are brazen enough to come into your home while you are sleeping. These types of home invasions are the most frightening and can cause more then just emotional distress. Renters who do not have alarms in their homes risk having to deal with the mental and financial backlash of break-ins. Protect yourself and your belongings from heartless thieves by investing in a wireless alarm system.


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