Home Security Systems: What is Environmental Monitoring?

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Recent flash flooding in central Kentucky wreaked havoc on the roadways. Do you ever worry that it could happen while you are away and damage your home? Are you scared to go away on vacation for this very reason? Perhaps your fear is a burst pipe due to freezing temperatures, or a faulty water line somewhere in your house. A simple AC malfunction result in overheating computer equipment. Are you a business owner who trembles at the thought of leaving the store at the mercy of the weather for the weekend?

You are not alone.

Many property owners live in fear of weather damage when they are away. Most realize that weather damage can be staved off if only they could be there in person when it begins. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Environmental monitoring is a wise addition to home security that anyone living in fear of undiscriminating weather should be aware of. There are several features available, all part of a standard alarm system. Because the system is basically a way of detecting changes in your home environment when you are away, these features are also applicable in situations that are not weather-related at all.

Flood/leak detector. The power of water to damage homes, carpets, and personal belongings cannot be overstated. Vulnerable areas include basements and cellars, washer-dryer areas, water heater areas, etc. Simply put, a leak detector will detect the presence of water where it should not be.

  • If a leak or a flood is detected, a signal will be sent to the monitoring station and a representative will contact you wherever you may be.

Temperature alert. When the mercury dips, water pipes can freeze and burst. The solution to this is constant temperature regulation. Storage areas, computer server rooms, restaurant freezers, and many other places also require temperature regulation as well. If there is no one around at your place of business when the servers overheat, or you are away from home when the pipes burst, the resultant damages can be serious. The drain to your bank account and the stress of having to repair can take their toll in more ways than one. Temperature sensors will keep a close eye on that thermometer, and notify you when there is a potentially dangerous rate of change.

  • Temperature sensors can help reduce false alarms from sensitive smoke detectors that go off at the slightest hint of overcooking.

Control is in your hands. Should you be away when your environmental monitoring system triggers an alert, the only one notified is you and you alone. No law enforcement or emergency services are involved.

No wires needed. Your home should be, and will remain, wireless. Nevertheless, you need not worry about your battery power. Your monitoring station has that covered, too. You will be notified when your battery power is low.

Local is as local does. Why would you want a monitoring station located in Omaha or Akron servicing your area? Whatever weather is affecting your home, your local security company knows about it and is prepared. A local company knows the kind of weather that affects your area most often, and knows just how to handle every situation that may arise.

Protecting you and your family is top priority. There is no reason to live in fear when you can take the necessary steps to protect what you care about most. If you are serious about home security, environmental monitoring is just one more step you can take to make your home as safe as it can be.

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