How Important is Customer Service?

By Crystal Newton on Jun 16th, 2014 03:28 PM

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Have you ever had a bad customer service experience?  

Picture this:
Thank you for calling Service Center.
Press 1 for this.
Press 2 for that.
Enter your account number.
Oh, you entered it wrong.  Try again.
Enter your address.
Oh, you moved and they still have the other address listed.  Try again.
Enter your birthday.
Forget this, press zero for an operator.
Thank you for calling Service Center.  Press 1 for this.  Press 2 for that.

Sound familiar?  Cable company, perhaps?  Washing machine warranty?  How about your security alarm service?  Not if you have Bates Security.

Employees of Bates Security, no matter the job title, are first and foremost trained in customer service.  We provide security services; it's our job to make our customers feel safe, secure and comfortable using their alarm systems.  In addition to our full time team of employees in our unique Customer Service Center, our monitoring station is available 24/7, as is our on-call technician.  You will always get a live person when you call Bates Security.  We are a local company, and we all have friendly faces.

What does the Customer Service Center do?

Bates Security's Customer Service Center (CSC) representatives are responsible for each individual security account that we service.  From keeping your alarm permit up-to-date to changing the order of your emergency call list, our CSC reps take care of your alarm system for you.  We provide each new customer with a certificate of completion for their insurance company to ensure our customer is receiving the lowest rate possible.  We contact each customer after every police dispatch to ensure that the system worked properly and offer training for customers who do not feel comfortable with their services.

Security devices are all electronic.  Some will fail.  The most expensive cars in the world still need to have the oil changed.  Our CSC reps help to troubleshoot errors and malfunctions and in most situations, we can resolve any system issue right over the phone.

But most importantly, our CSC develops relationships with our customers.  Our biggest advertiser is a happy customer, so our objective is to keep all customers happy!  And that's an easy thing to do with the team members in the CSC.

How do I contact the CSC?

Contacting the CSC is easy.  Reps are available from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except major holidays).  A technician is on-call after hours, weekends and holidays.  The central monitoring station is always available.  You can contact the CSC by phone at 859-244-4000 ext. 4, by email at, via our website or via any of our social media accounts.  

You can also find information such as online bill paying and alarm permit forms right here on our website!


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