How to Prepare for a Break-In

By Crystal Newton on Apr 3rd, 2014 12:30 PM

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Spring has sprung and burglars are lurking.  Now more than ever is the time to be thinking about home security systems. A glance at recent crime statistics for Lexington, KY confirms the high rate of burglaries and robberies. There are many options available to you as a homeowner that can help you keep your home your safe haven. These options range from do-it-yourself tasks to professional home security installations, and are best utilized in conjunction with each other. To reduce the target potential of your home, follow the steps below to prepare your home for a break-in.  

Maintain your home's exterior and landscaping. Keeping up your home's outward appearance serves a dual purpose. For one thing, burglars will more likely pass up a house that appears "lived-in." At the same time, trimmed shrubs and trees do not allow for a place to hide while planning or staging a break-in.

Keep the exterior of the home well lit.Along with scoping out opportunities for cover in shrubbery, burglars will more likely hit a house that is poorly lit on the outside, as this will afford them the best chance of not being seen.

Advertise your security measures.  Homes with burglar alarm signs and decals are less likely to be burglarized.  Homes with fences are also less likely to be burglarized.  "Beware of Dog" signs and good lighting are also deterrents.  

Block sliding doors.  A telescoping "charley bar" is a great, affordable measure to take against intrusion in these highly vulnerable locations.

Maintain a lived-in appearance when on vacation.  Be sure to stop mail delivery and have a trusted friend or relative look after things so the house does not appear to be abandoned.

Put interior and exterior lights on a timer.Anyone casing a house will check for routine departures and habits of the owner. Break-ins when the house is occupied are extremely rare. What most burglars are usually looking for is an opportunity to strike when no one is home. You can make it difficult for them to assess this by installing timers to turn lights on when you are not home, and to keep them on for an extended duration after you have gone to sleep.

Keep inventory of your belongings.  Keep an up-to-date list of the items in your home and their serial numbers in case you need to report theft to the police.

Invest in a professionally monitored home security system.  The best way to ensure your personal safety and the safety of your belongings is to put your trust in a third-party home monitoring service. Many of these services exist. To help you decide on which one is best, here are a few things to look for:

  • A local business that knows your area and its crime statistics
  • A service owned by someone with a background in law enforcement.
  • A service that gives you control over your system via mobile.
  • A business that is family-owned, for this is a good measure of professional stability.
  • A team of professionals who have been background-checked as well as drug tested.
For more information on home security systems and solutions, feel free to contact the friendly professionals at Bates Security.


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