How to Prevent False Alarms in Lexington

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Having an alarm is a great feature to have in your home. When you leave your residence and turn the alarm on, you know that it will be safe and secure from someone trying to break in. With alarm monitoring,you can count on someone else to call the police or fire department immediately in the case of an emergency. If you sell your property, the alarm will add value.

However, did you know that you can face severe fines if your alarm system goes off without reason? Lexington has a strict ordinance in place that imposes fines for multiple false alarms. It is important for homeowners to know about this ordinance and learn how to prevent false alarms.

How does the ordinance read? A false alarm is defined by Lexington ordinance as a dispatch call to a law enforcement agency for no criminal activity. So, if your alarm company calls the police to investigate an alarm at your home and the responding officers find no evidence of a break-in or other crime, it may be considered a false alarm.

For the first offense each year, the Lexington False Alarm Reduction Unit will send a warning. After the second offense, the Unit can start imposing fines that range from $50 to $500. A homeowner has the right to appeal each offense. Acts of God, telephone line outage, and long electrical interruptions are affirmative defenses. Appeals are not granted in cases of faulty alarm equipment, improper alarm monitoring, mistakes by contractors/employees, and alarms triggered by pets.

An alarm permit is required in Lexington.  Local security companies will take care of this matter on your behalf, usually billed in with the installation or monthly agreement.  Should you have a falso alarm and no alarm permit in place, you are immediately charged $100, no questions asked.

False alarms are most often caused by user error. That usually means someone fails to enter their alarm code before opening a door or putting in the wrong code.  Faulty equipment, inaccurate emergency call list numbers and pets can also be to blame.

How do you prevent false alarms in the first place?

  • All users need experience in canceling a false alarm. Each person should have an individual pass code. You can set up a temporary code for a contractor or other professionals hired by your family.

  • Test the alarm system regularly. Call the alarm company prior to the test in order to let them put it into test mode. A routine test can show if there is a problem before a false alarm happens.

  • If you have motion detectors, confine pets to areas where they will not trip the alarm.  Consider glass break detectors in place of motion detectors if you have active cats.

  • Make sure windows and doors are securely shut and locked. Moving curtains are a common reason alarms trip.

  • Turn off all sources of loud noise when arming your system. Sudden jolts of noise can trigger alarms.

  • Change batteries routinely on wireless devices. When a device begins to lose power, it can send intermittent signals which the alarm system can interpret as a problem.

  • Upgrade aging alarm systems. Newer systems are much more reliable than older systems as far as not causing false alarms.

  • Choose an alarm system based on reliability and functionality, not cheap price. Cheap systems are notorious for alarming at any little sound or breeze.

An alarm system can be a real asset for a home owner. You need an alarm company that is there to help you with all aspects of your alarm system. That includes false alarm problems.

Bates Security is the company to call in the Lexington, Kentucky, area. We have been here since 1984. We understand local ordinances and can handle all false alarm permits needed. We are there for our customers. This level of service you will not find with national alarm providers. Give us a call today.


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