I've Been Burglarized! What Do I Do?

By Crystal Newton on Nov 7th, 2014 08:27 AM

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The last thing that anyone wants to do is come home to find out to that he or she has been burglarized. It is devastating. It can be even worse if the act happens when you are home.

If you have been burglarized, stop, take a deep breath, and walk through this checklist:

  • Call the Police. Before you do anything else, notify the authorities. The sooner you let the police know what happened, the sooner they will be on their way, and the better your chances will be to regain your stolen items. As time lapses, the burglars will be harder to catch, so getting the authorities on their trail immediately is essential.
  • Make Notes. Grab a pen and paper, and get to work. Did you see the assailants? If so, make sure you write down everything that you can remember about them. Are things missing? If so, note them. The following items will help you with your list:

* What did the burglars look like? Take note of how many there were. Pay attention to race, gender, and approximate age. Write down what you remember them wearing and note which way you saw them go.

*Where is there damage?Are windows broken? Is there damage to the door? Are items broken inside the house?

*What is missing?Go through each room, and look for items that are no longer there. Particular items to keep an eye out include jewelry and electronics. Write down everything that you notice is missing, include the room it was in and a small description that you can give the police when they arrive.

  • Take Pictures.  Do not touch anything! It is imperative that the police see the scene as closely to the way you found it as possible. However, while you are waiting for them to arrive, you can get to work taking pictures and documenting the scene. Not only could this potentially be useful for the police, but your insurance company will likely need to see the photos when/if you file a claim. Be sure that you take photos of any of the damage that you noted, inclusive of broken windows and damage to doors. Anything broken or damaged inside the house or peculiar things that you may find outside should also be documented via photo. Anything that is misplaced should also be documented with pictures. For example, open jewelry boxes and and an empty space on a desk where a computer clearly used to be can be good evidence, even though the items in question are no longer there.
  • File a Claim. With a police report in hand, notify your insurance company. You will need to provide them with the report number, and several other pieces of information that are documented on the police report. Gather any receipts that are pertinent and have those handy, too. Your insurance company may send an adjuster to your home to assess the situation personally. If that happens, have copies of all of your paperwork ready. The insurance adjuster will probably take your evidence with him or her, but you should have a set of the information with you for your own records, too.

Going forward, one of the best ways to prevent being burglarized will be to increase the security of your home. Identify weak spots so they can be remedied. A security system is an excellent place to start and there are many options. If you want to know more about how a home security system could help keep your family safe, contact our team at Bates Security today!


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