Latch-Key Kids | Remote Video to Know They are Home Safe

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A latch-key kid is a child who walks to takes the bus home from school to an empty home because his/her parents are still at work.  In the past, latch-key kids have caused parents to worry that their child arrived home safely from school.  The use of cellular phones have helped to ease parents' minds.  Today's technology allows for parents to worry not.  Remote video services allow parents to view their children arriving home from school and, in conjunction with a home security system, parents can get text or email notification right to their smart phone that alert them when their security system has been armed or disarmed.

Peeping Mom

Remote video services can provide all homeowners a wealth of security options combined into one simple solution. In the event of break-ins, surveillance footage can prove invaluable to law enforcement during their search for a perp. Recently, working moms across the nation have begun utilizing remote video services to help them keep an eye on nannies and children.

Parents with children of latchkey age can effectively use remote video services for the same reason. It is wonderful your latchkey kid is smart, independent and mature enough to spend hours home alone while awaiting your return. A reassurance of your child's safety via access to video which chronicles their arrival home is priceless.

Bates Security understands and respects yours and your family's safety. We take the security of your children and of the community in which we do business very seriously. We believe a threat to your security is a threat to our community's security. To the end of defending against such threats, we propose an array of security solutions, remote video services among them.

What We Do

We excel at remote security systems. Our Bates Connect Video, for example, allows you to access live footage of your home's interior and its security system via the web—from a mobile phone, from anywhere in the world. You can:

  • Check the status of your security system and arm it from a remote location

  • Disarm and silence your system

  • Change compromised codes if necessary

  • Add and delete users

  • Receive texts or e-mails of certain events

 What kinds of events? Well, that brings us back to your latchkey kid. You can arrange not only to receive a video capture of your child arriving home as she/he passes before the video camera, but you'll receive a text or an email notification when your child (or anyone) disarms the security system. You can continuously monitor your home while away, keep an eye on pets and children, and/or ensure the interior and environs of secondary homes are safe, unmolested and intact.

Rest Easy

The peace of mind of knowing your child has made it home safe each afternoon and is at home studying or entertaining approved company, is immeasurable. Likewise, if for some reason your child is not home at the expected time, you can mobilize at once by calling neighbors and your child's school to confirm sightings or other details. Only remote video services can provide you such convenience.

Our local reputation is owed to our unique ability to furnish all kinds of consumers with the best security equipment, hardware and technology available anywhere. Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau speaks for itself. We are also proud members of the Electronic Security Association and Home Builders Association of Lexington, and the Lexington Chamber of Commerce.


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