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Your home is your safe haven, your abode and the place where you will make several lifetimes of memories. Your home holds a gargantuan sentimental, physical and financial value to you and your family. Because of your home's incalculable value, it should be protected by one of the top home security systems. Home security systems protect your home from fires and offer the most comprehensive solution for ensuring the safety of your family while offering you a peace of mind. 

Although, there are many different providers that offer home security systems, you must ask the right questions to discern which one is best for you. Generally, you will have to choose between large national security companies and local security companies like Bates Security. When it comes to technology, both companies essentially offer the same state-of-the-art home security technology. To really discover a company's compatibility, the following questions should be asked. 

Distance Makes a Difference

Since the national company is farther away, is the response time slower? 
With national companies, if one of the home security alarms is triggered, the signal will have to travel to the company's response center, which may be across the country or several states away. From the response center, it then goes to another line that connects the signal with the appropriate emergency response unit in your area. 

Local companies may also use call centers for their security monitoring, but the difference is the local support that you receive after an alarm.  At Bates Security, each account is followed up after a police dispatch to ensure that you are safe from harm and to be sure that your alarm system worked properly.  Local companies, such as Bates Security, provide free, hands on training of you arlarm system until you and your family are completely comformtable using the system.  Furthermore, should you need technical assistance for your electronic alarm system, local technicians are able to accommodate your needs quicker than national companies.

Burglary Rings

Are there any differences in the way national and local home security companies handle a string of burglaries? 
Burglary rings generally affect a local community and is a serious cause for concern. While national companies may be oblivious to local security breaches, local security companies are always in touch with the events that can affect the security of your home. Local security companies like Bates Security use several tools such as informative blogs to keep you in the know and alert of your surroundings. 

Quality of Service

Does one provider traditionally offer a higher quality of service than the other? 

National companies contract their work out to contractors like cable installers and others. Traditionally, this method has consistently caused problems such as late service and even no-shows.  In contrast, Bates Security is one of the largest residential and commercial security companies in Central Kentucky. Bates Security employs staff that is highly trained and maintains the highest level of etiquette, which is one of the reasons Bates Security can boast such a high quality of service. Additionally, Bates Security ensures each employee passes pre-employment drug screenings and background checks. 

Local Customization 

Does the local police department work better with national or local home security companies?
Every police or fire department has their own procedures and protocols for managing home security systems. National security companies have very little contact with your local police or fire department until there is a breach in one of their home security systems. However, local security companies know and interact with their local fire and police department, which can have advantages. 

The previous questions were designed to help you discern whether a local or national security company would best fit your needs. Choosing the best home security company depends on your personal expectations. Fortunately,  Bates Security offers all of the advantages of national companies and the benefits of a local company under one roof. 


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