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We live in the age of heightened security. The protection of our homes, our possessions, and our loved ones has become a matter of course. Locksmith services are in high demand, and for good reason: A lock is of no use if it is installed improperly. Good security starts with you, the homeowner, and the secret lies in first knowing when the locks on your home should be changed.

When to Replace Locks

1. After a Breakup or Divorce

Facing the realization that there is now a breach of trust between you and your ex-partner can be one of the most difficult things to do in the tumultuous aftermath of a split. Nevertheless, in order to move forward, you must acknowledge that when it comes to your protection and the protection of your family, no price is too high. Your ex-partner may not be an enemy, but as time moves on, this person is becoming more and more of a stranger around your home.

2. After Purchasing a New Home

It may seem like a no-brainer, but new homeowners will sometimes neglect this very basic tenet of home security. One cannot blame them. Buying a house is stressful, and there are so many things requiring attention that a mere changing of the locks gets pushed further and further down the list. After all, you may know the people who used to own the place. Or you may know someone who knows them. Or you may know someone who knows someone who... you get the picture.Somewhere out there could be a duplicate set of keys to the house in which you now live, clutched in the hands of a complete stranger.

3. After a Burglary

Though some burglars tend to force entry into the home—usually during the daytime when there is less of a chance of encountering occupants—a current criminal trend is the employment of a so-called "bump key" to pick locks. In this case, replacing a "bumped" lock with a similar or exact model is probably not the best idea. If your home has been targeted for ease, location (near woods or lesser-patrolled areas), or for the types of valuables found the first time around, there is the increased chance of a repeat incident. In this case, you may want to consider an upgrade to something a bit stronger.

High-security Locks

Many locksmith services offer high-security locks. These masterfully engineered locks are not only drill-resistant, they are also bump key-resistant. These locks also come with special keys that cannot be duplicated without the expressed approval of the owner. Control over your own security is entirely in your hands.

Making Your Home Safer

Because burglars cannot go through walls, this leaves only two other options: your doors and windows. Below are a few things you can do to secure these areas.

  • Consider dead bolting your door in addition to locks or high-security lock upgrades.

  • If you have sliding doors, a Charley Bar is a law enforcement-recommended security measure. It is nothing more than an adjustable metal bar that locks securely into place behind your door, prohibiting it from sliding. 

  • Decorative windows or glass door panels can be easily shattered. There is a variety of shatterproof glass options available. 

  • Rear windows are common targets. If you must have screens, then also install glass storm windows. Many locksmith services will gladly install window locks too if you request them.

If you take the time to explore the best security options available to you, your home can truly be your safe haven.


Cheryl Smith said...

In our sliding doors, we just use a 1 x 6 piece wood. Actually using a Charley Bar might be more beneficial. I just want to do whatever is safer. Hopefully, both ways will keep my home safe.

posted at 11:26 AM on Oct 13th 2015

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