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School bullying is a horrific and unfortunate event that takes place far too often. But it does not have to. There is a wonderful, effective, new answer to the question of how we can keep an eye on children and monitor their safety while they are on the bus, on school grounds and within the school itself. Monitored video surveillance is that answer.

Most recently, authorities arrested a school bus driver after examining video surveillance that showed the driver bullying a five year old. Details of other stories similar to this are surfacing every day. What these stories all have in common is the use of monitored video surveillance to keep children safe. School security in Kentucky has never been a more pertinent issue, an issue Bates Security can help to easily address.


Bates Security specializes in:

  • camera systems

  • video recording

and a host of other security features that are easily applied to the cause of bully prevention. One advantage bullies at schools enjoy everywhere is the absence of authoritative eyes. School security in Kentucky with video surveillance provides those eyes and remote monitoring ensures someone is always watching our children while they are at school, making sure they are safe.

No child deserves to be picked on and ostracized or to spend every day living in fear of school, hating school and confronting a deal of stress unhealthy at any age. No bully should ever have free reign or the impression they can get away with mistreating other individuals.

Curtailing bully culture and keeping kids safer begins with accountability. Video footage allows teachers and parents to maintain a careful watch over children while at school and to hold accountable those children and adults who behave abusively.

Oregon's school district has gone on record about the benefits of video surveillance, crediting it with a sharp decline in bullying. It follows that bullying has dropped away. Most bullies, according to social psychologists, are cowards. They feel emboldened by their anonymity and the knowledge they can get away with behaving badly, which is part of the appeal for them. But knowing they are being watched effectively robs them of their nerve. This translates into a safer school environment for everyone.

Bates Connect Video Solution is among the many security scenarios Bates Security can provide. The Bates Connect Video Solution entails an interactive experience, allowing users to:

  • arm/disarm systems from an iPhone/iPad

  • store video digitally onsite or in a cloud for anytime/anywhere access

Bates is a leading provider of best-in-class technology and service in the video surveillance industry. We design, integrate, install and maintain complete video surveillance systems. Public spaces, commercial buildings, manufacturing companies, government agencies, and schools comprise the bulk of our client list.

Let us bring our expertise in school security Kentucky to your school door and help you to keep your school safe and bully-free. In most cases, awareness of cameras is itself enough to curtail any potential bullying and violence that might otherwise take place. With our array of flexible packages and setups, we are sure we can tailor the most advantageous configuration for your school and the children it serves.


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