Pet Safety | Why Monitored Smoke Detectors are Vital

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Monitored smoke detectors can truly be a lifesaver. A house fire is a homeowner's worst nightmare, as it turn your life upside down in a matter of minutes. House fires are chaotic, extremely dangerous and can result in the ultimate tragedy - the death of pets and loved ones. In 2011 alone, the National Fire Protection Agency reports that fire companies in the United States responded to 370,000 structure fires at residential homes. Many house fires occur when no one except your pets are home. Monitored smoke detectors offer protection above and beyond non-monitored smoke detectors, with some benefits that can make all the difference in allowing you, your pets and your loved ones to escape a fire unharmed.

Early Recognition

As the NFPA reports, many homes are equipped with faulty smoke detectors, or no smoke detectors at all. This means that a fire will only be called in to the authorities when someone else in the neighborhood notices smoke – that is, if anyone notices – or when you notice the smoke yourself. A monitored smoke detector is triggered at the first sign of smoke, providing valuable advance warning. Fast burning fires can engulf homes in a matter of minutes, so any leg up on escape can be vital.This is especially true for homeowners with pets, because if you are not home to save your pets from the fire, only a fast response from the fire departmentwill save them.

Early Alert

A monitored smoke detector sounds the traditional alarm to alert anyone within the home of danger, but comes with the added benefit of having an operator monitor the system at all times. When the alarm goes off, the operator immediately contacts the relevant authorities. Instead of waiting for a passerby or neighbor to notice a fire, you can be confident that an eye is on the safety of your home and your pets with a monitored detector. You can probably see by now that saving time and advanced warning are major trends in fire safety, and monitoring is another way in which a few extra minutes can be gained for safe escape.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon monoxide poisoning may not be as well-known or feared as fires, but it isextremely dangerous in its own right. The Center for Disease Control reports that, in a five year period from 1999 to 2004, over2,600 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning. What makes carbon dioxide so dangerous is that it is colorless, odorless and tasteless, making it virtually undetectable without technology. Monitored smoke detectors are able to detect dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in your home. As with fires, the operator can then contact to appropriate authorities, making your pets more likely to be saved when you are not home, along with you and your loved ones when you arehome.

For pet owners and all homeowners a monitored smoke detector can literally be the difference between life and death. Thanks to early warning, emergency responders are more likely to save the lives of your pets if a home fire occurs when you are away from the home. Of course every fire is different, but a monitored smoke detector provides the best chance for survival.


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