Residential Rekeying for New Homeowners

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The process of rekeying a lock involves changing the internal pins so that a key made for it will no longer work. None of the external parts of the lock are replaced, so that the knob and other parts will remain the same. With a rekeyed lock, a new key is needed to open it just as if the entire lock had been replaced.  Rekeying is an effective way of ensuring that your home and possessions are kept safe.

The Security Benefits of Residential Rekeying

The fact is that when you move into a new home, you have no idea how many duplicates of your house keys are in existence, nor do you know who has them. The previous homeowner may have:

  • Left copies with relatives or neighbors

  • Had roommates at one point 

  • Have lost their keys

These are things that you simply cannot know. Moving into a new home with old locks puts you in the same position you would be in if you had lost your keys; namely, you have no idea who has them or what their intentions are. It is a good idea to make sure that only you and the other members of your household have keys to your entry doors. The most obvious solution here is to have the locks to your doors replaced. The problem with this is that if you have multiple entry doors, this could present a lot of time-consuming work in addition to being very expensive. Residential rekeying is a cost effective alternative. When rekeying your locks, all a locksmith has to do is remove and replace the old pins, thus ensuring that the old keys will no longer work on the door.  It is less expensive because you will only be paying the locksmith to alter the pins, not for replacing multiple locks and the cost of installing them.

The Convenience of Residential Rekeying

In addition to protecting your home and family, rekeying the locks in your new home can also make your life easier. If you have multiple entry doors and each requires its own key, you may find yourself toting around a heavy key ring. Opening a locked door may be a chore due to the necessity of searching through numerous keys in order to find the right one. Instead, you can have your locks rekeyed by locksmith so that one key can open all your doors.

Will Rekeying Work For You?

For rekeying to be an effective solution, the lock that is presently installed on your door has to be in good shape. If it is, then rekeying will be a less costly process than replacement. A locksmith will be able to rekey it and provide you with your new keys relatively quickly. It is important to note that not all locks can be rekeyed; some locks are not rekeyable. A locksmith will be able to inspect your lock and tell you if rekeying is possible.

Once you decide to rekey your locks, you will have to consider how you want to go about it. It is far better to find a licensed and/or registered locksmith to handle your rekeying for you.


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