Residential Security Systems - Do I Need One?

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Unfortunately, many people answer the question, "Do I need a residential security system?” after their home has been broken into and they have filed the police report of their missing assets. Security, like insurance, is typically wanted the most after an event takes place.

Over 2 million home burglaries are reported every year in the United States and no one can assume that their home will never be broken into. When your home is broken into and your possessions ransacked and taken, the experience is traumatic. Common emotional reactions include feelings of powerlessness, anger, grief and fear for the safety of your children, loved ones and yourself. Along with the emotional reactions, there are the physical repercussions of damage to financial and sentimental property, dealing with the criminal justice system, isurance, credit cards and losing time at work or school. Homes that do not have security systems are almost 300 percent more likely to be robbed. Do not wait until your home has been broken into before investing in a residential security system that will make your home less likely to be a statistic in the home burglary reported category.

Most burglaries occur through the back door of a residential home.  Consider the following safety tips:

  • Trim bushes and trees back that provide cover.
  • Make sure garages and sheds are locked.
  • If working outside or visiting your neighbors, make sure to leave your doors locked.
  • Many safety agencies advocate that you keep all your windows locked at night and every time you leave your house.
  • Install a home alarm system.
Home alarm systems not only provide peace of mind, but also alert the proper authorities if there is an unwanted event at your home.  Arming the security system at all times ensures that you are notified if a child is sleepwalking, sneaking out or even trying to access "off-limit" areas in your home such as a liquor cabinet or medicine cabinet. 

The benefits of residential home security systems include:

• Studies have found that burglars spend less than 60 seconds when they break into a home. Residential home security systems have been proven to deter burglars because they make a house much harder to access.

• Home fire alarm systems or smoke detectors will alert the proper authorities before a neighbor even notices the smoke.

• Lower homeowner's insurance premiums.

• Residential alarm systems can be controlled remotely via your smart phone or computer, making the system easy to turn off for visitors or house sitters.  

• Home security systems help law enforcement officers respond faster to emergency situations.

Answer the question, "Do I need a residential security system?” before your home has been broken into. Take control of the situation and when a burglar sizes up your potential for robbery, they will move on. 


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