Security Tips for College Freshmen in Central Kentucky

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A first year at college is an exciting, overwhelming time for most freshman. College is the beginning of the rest of your adult life, and this is most true in how college is a sort of preparation for your future life in the wider world. You have unprecedented freedom. You can stay up all hours and do as you please. You can adopt a whole new set of friends—or several. You can fall in love and get a job. Or not.

Before you rush off to your first class or cram for your first exam, take a moment to consider the security of your new living space. Like most students, your space will house your valuables: computer/laptop, mobile devices, jewelry, designer clothing, new furniture, etc.

Theft occurs anywhere at anytime, but it does not ever have to be a problem for you. Solution? An alarm system. Sounds high tech, but it's nothing short of lifesaving.

An alarm system replete with monitored security can give you the peace of mind you need and allow you to focus on your studies stress-free. Any college career entails marathon study sessions, research binges, and/or late nights at the library or at a cafe with study partners. During the various periods you are away from your space, a monitored security system ensures your space remains intact and undisturbed.

Did you know that career burglars wait for periods between semesters and during holiday breaks specifically to raid student apartments, steal whatever they can, and sell it on the black market? The University of Kentucky is, unfortunately, not exempt from this scenario. In 2012, students reported no less than

  • 38 burglaries in and around the University of Kentucky campus

  • 77 instances of criminal trespass (on private spaces)

  • and 18 cases of robbery and receipt of stolen property

While you are away and enjoying yourself, spending time with your family or with friends on holiday, a handful of pro robbers are finagling their way into your building and easily tripping the lock on your studio door. An alarm system can effectively prevent this scenario. What's more, you can monitor your own system from your mobile device or anywhere you have internet access.

Here are some other tips to help you maintain the security of their living space:

  • Have your landlord change locks when you commence your rental period. The previous student may have handed out copies of the front door key, and those copies can still be used to access your living space.

  • If you should hand out copies of your front door key, treat these as rare gifts suitable for only the most mature, trustworthy acquaintances. After you install an alarm system, store the access code in a cloud you can pull up with your mobile device. Do not share your access codes with anyone but parents.

  • Review University of Kentucky Safety & Security Report on Crisis Management and Preparedness. Also the University of Kentucky Crime Log, updated daily, not only drives home some of the points made above, but accentuates the need for alarm systems in student living spaces.

Create a sustain an outstanding college career by first taking charge of your personal space and its security. Don't end up having to deal with a break-in and police reports during your time on/near campus. You should be worrying about school, not thieves.


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