Security Tips for Parents in Lexington

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As a parent, keeping your children safe is one of your main priorities, if not your top one. Because there are many different situations that your children can encounter that endanger their health and/or wellbeing, most parents find themselves consumed with worry that their child will be injured or harmed, despite their preventive actions or best intentions. While some of these situations are unavoidable, such as falling off a playground and breaking a bone, there are many dangers a parent can protect their children from.

One major worry of many parents is having someone break into their home to steal items or cause harm to anyone living in the home. Fortunately, this is a situation that, with the right safety measures and tips, can be prevented or addressed. In particular, burglar alarms, which have many safety features beyond protecting the outside of your home, are a type of tool that better enables us to keep our homes and children safe.

Using Burglar Alarms to Keep Your Children Safe

According to the Bureau of Justice home burglary statistics, burglaries in American homes decreased from 1994 to 2011 by 56%. While this decrease in home burglaries provides a measure of peace and security for many families, other statistics from Safeguard the World show that homes without burglar alarms can be nearly 300 times more at risk of being broken into than homes that have burglar alarms installed. It is for this reason, and the following safety tips, that you should consider installing a home security system:

  • A burglar alarm installed in your home can provide the most basic safety measure of deterring criminals from coming into your home and/or alerting you should a person try to break into your home. Additionally, should a person break into your home, putting you or your children in harm’s way, a burglar alarm should immediately notify the police, allowing them to dispatch help to you immediately.

  • If your child sleep walks and puts him or herself in serious danger by leaving the home while sleepwalking, burglar alarms can help notify you when a sleepwalking child tries to leave. As the alarm will sound when anyone tries to open a door or window before the system is unarmed, you can rest assured that you will be able to catch your child before they get hurt.

  • You can protect areas in your home, such as gun safes or liquor cabinets, that contain items that could endanger your child. If these doors are opened, whether on accident by a child or on purpose, the alarm will go off, letting you know that your action is needed.
  • Remote camera systems offered by alarm companies will allow you to view in real time the activity taking place in your home.  Use your smart phone (or computer) to check in on the kids while the babysitter is with them.  
  • Home automation services offered by alarm companies will allow you to unlock the door for a latch key kid who has misplaced his/her keys.  You can use your smart phone (or computer) to remotely unlock the door when you cannot be there.

Because of the many safety features that burglar alarms provide, it is critical to ensure that both you and your children are armed with safety tips and know how to use your burglar alarm. This way, you can rest assured that everyone in your home has the knowledge to protect themselves and the home through the burglar alarm, rather than being reliant on one member of the family. With a burglar alarm that fully protects your home and a family that knows how to use and arm this burglar alarm, you can rest assured that those most precious to you are as safe as they can possibly be.


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