Security Tips to Reduce False Alarms

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False alarms are an unwanted distraction to homeowners, the alarm system company and law enforcers as well as neighbors. Moreover, false alarms set off by your children can irritate the neighbors, make you incur extra expenses and waste time and resources of alarm response companies.

Therefore, you need to take steps to reduce false alarms in your home. The first step to doing this is identifying the causes of false alarms. These include:


  • Inadequate training of authorized users on how to use the alarm systems

  • Using wrong codes

  • Weak system batteries

  • Not securing your home’s doors and windows

  • Wandering pets and items hanging around the system

  • Faulty alarm system

  • Acts of nature such as strong winds

Follow the tips below to make your security alarm system function more effectively and avoid false alarms:

1. Select the right alarm system

This is the first step to avoiding false alarms. Choose a system that is not triggered by the slightest movement of people or pets. If possible, get a custom-made system that is designed with your family’s daily activities in mind.  Local security companies usually offer free in-home estimateswith professional consultations and low pressure sales tactics.

2. Test the alarm system regularly

Sometimes, weak or old batteries can cause false alarms. Make sure you test whether the system works properly on a regular basis, ideally every two to three months. This will help you know whether this security measure will be effective in case of an emergency.  If you have a monitored security system with a professional company, you can call the company or monitoring station and they will be happy to test the system for you.  

3. Know or learn how to operate the system

Incidents of false alarms occur because your children and other family members do not know how to operate the system. Ensure that all occupants of your home know the right codes to use and the right way to use the system as soon as it is installed. You should also train visitors and other guests who regularly visit or spend time in your home.  Professional alarm company technicians and customer service representatives will assist you in learning about your security system and its features.

4. Lock the doors and windows before setting the alarm

As a standard safety precaution, lock all windows and doors at all times.  Whether you are home or away, locking the doors and windows not only makes a more safe place for you and your family, but will also decrease the chances of a false alarm due to wind or weather.  

5. Set the motion detectors of the alarm system

Take note of the motion detector settings of the system. The settings will determine how easily the alarm will go off when something in motion is in its path. Get your alarm technician to explain to you and your children the motion detector paths so that you can prevent false alarms.

6. Service and maintain the system

False alarms can be caused by malfunctioning systems. When a false alarm is triggered, have the system checked by an authorized technician to determine whether it is working properly. You might also want the system serviced and maintained on a regular schedule by your installation company.

Security alarm systems are meant keep your family and property safe. However, false alarms can be a nuisance to both your family and neighbors. You should take steps to prevent false security alarms. Train everyone in your house including children, baby sitters and other occupants on how to operate and when to use the alarm system.


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