Things You Didn't Know Your Home Burglary System Could Do

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Your home burglary system is potentially a host of numerous crucial security features. At Bates Security, we understand your need for convenience, efficiency, security and multipurpose capability in a home burglary system. This is why the home burglary system we offer does more than secure your house. It keeps your home feeling like the haven it should be.

Bates Security excels at residential security systems. We use only the most cutting edge technology while putting our expertise to work for you. With Bates Connect, our residential security solution, you can:

  • check and control your security system in real time via the internet

  • arm and disarm your system from anywhere in the world with the use of PDAs, cell phones, or any mobile device

  • change any compromised codes

  • add and delete users

  • receive texts or e-mails of certain events

But it gets better. With Bates Security's newest service, you can integrate multiple systemsthroughout your house and access them via a single high-resolution touchscreen. The LYNX Tough 5100 comes with a web browser, so you can also view news, traffic and weather before your commute to work. The LYNX is essentially a mini control center within the Bates Connected Home, and it lets you:

  • control temperature

  • turn off and on selected indoor and outdoor lights every time you arm or disarm your keypad

  • create scenes and schedules that ensure savings of both energy and money

Set your thermostat with a schedule that ensures you arrive home each summer day to a cool house. You can also schedule multiple devices to turn off or on at specific times.

Electronic locks are another wonderful safety feature included in our Bates Connected home setup.Lock and unlock doors automatically upon arming or disarming LYNX touch. Set scenes and schedules to enhance your personal security.

Possessing control over your house's various systems, whether security or comfort, is significantly easier when your access is consolidated into a single device. LYNX touch allows you to address every aspect of your home's atmosphere and energy expenditure in no time at all.

To make matters easier, you can also access the LYNX Touch from a remote location using a PC or Smartphone. This allows you to anticipate a set schedule or scene in the event you join coworkers for a spontaneous Friday night supper. You can easily revise the schedule from your chair at the local bistro and enjoy your evening on the town without worrying about your home burglary system.

Bates Security also offers protection against fire and carbon monoxide, two often overlooked dangers that can begin right in the home. We can easily add monitored smoke detectors, heat detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors to your security system. Take care to prevent intrusions from outside, but be sure to prevent dangers that can spring up from inside as well.


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