What can I Control Remotely on my Home Alarm System?

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Multi Faceted Security Systems

Today's home alarm systems perform many more functions than merely blaring loudly when set off by intruders. High-tech integrated home alarm systems allow you to enjoy a broad array of one-touch and remote control features, the benefits of which include increased personal security, peace of mind, convenience and scheduling flexibility.

Our House Is A Very Fine House

Would that life could be simple as a Crosby, Stills & Nash song. Perhaps it can. Bates Security can at least help you bring as many factors of your personal atmosphere at home under your direct, constant control.

The Energy & Home Management setup features a Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 as its central piece of hardware. What is the LYNX Touch 5100?

It is a brilliant, high resolution touchscreen with which you can control

  • temperature

  • lighting

  • electronic locks

  • and set desired scenes and schedules

Want to ensure your house is cool when you return home after a hot summer day at work? You can schedule your cool air to turn on at a specific time if you please. Similarly, you can pre-designate times for dimming and brightening of lights, either to enhance ambiance and/or conserve energy/lower your energy bill.

Other scenes and schedules, such as a thermostat setback and lights off when you arm your security system at night, are equally doable.

You can lock and unlock your doors automatically when you arm/disarm your system via the LYNX Touch 5100.

While You Were Out

In a perfect world, you would enjoy the luxury of coming and going as you please without having to worry about arming and disarming home alarm systems, adjusting your thermostat to the most cost effective energy settings at certain times of day or whether you indeed locked your front, back, and side doors.

Luckily for you, a perfect world isn't a necessary prerequisite to such ease and luxury. Bates Connect Remote Services, when combined with the LYNX Touch 5100, means you can control your thermostat, security system, electronic locks and lights with any smartphone or PC—from anywhere in the world where you have internet access!

Too much security, and remote access to said security, is never enough. Especially not in a country whose latest FBI statistics attest to a staggering annual burglary rate of 2.2 million homes. Don't make the mistake of thinking it will never happen to you. People who entertain such blind confidence are typically the first to get robbed, specifically because their houses are not secured.

And an upscale neighborhood is no safe haven. Burglars often target such neighborhoods, knowing these addresses will contain pricey houses filled with expensive goods. Luckily, there's an added layer of protection every homeowner should consider: Video surveillance.

Lights, Camera... Busted!

Consider this video footage. This courageous woman nabbed burglars while they were in her house. Her security system allowed her to check on her own home from a remote location. Case closed. Bates Security remote video services allow you to pull up video of your home's exterior/interior on your mobile phone or via any internet connection.

Also, Bates emails or texts you whenever an alarm is arm/disarmed on your premises.

In Case of Emergency

With the Bates Medical Alert System, or P.E.R.S. (Personal Emergency Reporting System), you can live independently and never worry about falling ill alone. Quick medical response is key to survival in 80% of such reported cases.

Fire safety and carbon monoxide detection fall under the same category. Remotely monitored detectors and medical alert systems mean Bates Security is always close at hand, providing an additional layer of protection to you—24/7.


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