What to do After Your Home is Burglarized

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A burglarized home can result in thousands of dollars of stolen goods and damaged property in your home. Ironically, the thief does manage to leave one gift: the homeowner gains an unwanted and eerie feeling of being violated while they are in their home. While most possessions can be replaced, the out of place and uncomfortable feeling that you feel is common can be a cause for additional concern. 

 While the feelings of anxiety will eventually go away, the more pressing issue revolves around the physical damage left in your burglarized home. The following steps are designed for people who live in the Lexington, KY as key steps to take after your home has been burglarized. 

Call 911

The moment you think or recognize that you have been robbed or burglarized you should call 911. By calling 911, you may be able to save someone else the misery as well as recover some of your stolen property. 

Do Not Go Inside

As you wait on the authorities to arrive at your home, you should do so outside of the residence, in your locked vehicle, or at a neighbor's house. 

  • Since you do not know if the burglars are still inside, waiting outside is the safest option. 

  • Even if the burglars are gone, you should wait until after the police leave before you begin cleaning up your home. 

  • If you are already inside of your home and the burglars are gone, it is best if you do not touch anything. Investigators may want to fingerprint or photograph certain areas, and your prints can contaminate the crime scene.  

Filing an Insurance Claim

If you intend on filing an insurance claim, you must file a police report within 24 hours of discovering the burglary. 

  • Your insurance agent will need a list of all of the items that were stolen and each item's value. This is also an instrumental step in helping you confront and face what actually happened in your safe space. 

  • If there are broken windows or doors, simply board the entrances up until you can schedule someone to come and repair it. 


You should be prepared to cancel any financial accounts that could have possibly been compromised when the residence was burglarized. If you left a check book out, the thief could have stolen one check from the middle of the book or taken pictures of your bank statement. While there are essentially a thousand possibilities, the only solution is to play it safe and call your bank to have your account changed. 

Addressing the Emotion

Even after you have put everything back in its place, you may feel like a visitor in your home because the security and sanctity of your home has been violated. Recovering from a robbery can take a little time. However, you can opt to be proactive about the security of your home and have an alarm system installed. 

The best option for the most comprehensive home security solutions in the Lexington, KY area isBates Security. 

As one of the largest privately owned residential and commercial security companies in the Central Kentucky area, Bates Security offers solutions to help you regain the feeling of security in your home. Whether you would like surveillance, electronic locks, or formal alarm systems, Bates Security specializes in providing you with the most advanced and comprehensive  home security options. 

Unfortunately, when your home was burglarized, your eyes were opened to how susceptible you are to factors beyond your control. Bates Security offers options designed to help you feel like the king of your palace and not an unwanted visitor.   


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