Would Home Alone Have Been the Same with Remote Video Services?

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Meet The McCallisters

"Home Alone” made Macaulay Culkin not only a worldwide star but a respected child actor. For his portrayal, he won a Golden Globe and the hearts of girls and women everywhere. Entertainment journalists and Hollywood historians compared his preternatural talents and commercial appeal to the likes of Shirley Temple. The movie's poster is especially memorable, not only for showcasing Culkin's widely agreed upon adorableness but for evoking Edward Munch's iconic abstract masterpiece The Scream.

The movie's premise, that of a vacationing family who accidentally forgets to take their eight-year-old with them, is a tad implausible, but who cares? "Home Alone” provides the viewer a nonstop roller coaster ride: physical comedy, twists and turns, mock danger, and the main character's innumerable triumphs over the thieves who yearn to burglarize his parents' house.

While the reality of an eight-year-old pitted against two grown male burglars is highly improbable, the reality of home invasions and break-ins is, unfortunately, all too likely.Since 2009,

  • an average of 2.2 million burglaries have taken place annually in the U.S.

  • 71% of these have been residential burglaries

  • That amounts to a burglary every 15 seconds or roughly 6100 daily

Fact: The next site of a burglary could be your home. What of the unlikely scenario regarding a burglar surprising your latchkey kid? Horrid just to think of it, but better to be safe than robbed blind and more than sorry. One wonders how differently "Home Alone” might have gone if there had been remote video services installed in that house featured in the movie.

Luckily, remote video services for residential and business properties are now quite common, not to mention supremely effective at curtailing break-ins and other violent invasions. A case in point follows.

Security "Reality” TV

This video, posted to Youtube, gives a real life example of burglars whose crime was spotted in progress via remote video services. The homeowner, whose security service allowed her to pull up views of her house's interior via the internet, caught the criminals. She then alerted the police, who leaped to action at once, apprehending the criminals while they were still in the house and helping themselves to valuables.

Remote video services, up-to-date alarm systems, and secured homes are fast becoming the new norm. Millions of dollars worth of personal property are saved each year because criminals are interrupted by authorities who have responded to real alarms. Remote video services also allow you to check upon your home's interior and exterior at all hours of the day. And you can do so via

  • any internet connection

  • with any mobile device

  • from anywhere in the world.

Bet Your Security on Bates Connect

With Bates Connect from Bates Security, for example, you can:

  • Arm and check the status of your security system

  • Disarm and silence your system

  • Change codes if they have become compromised

  • Add and delete users

  • Receive texts or e-mails denoting certain events

The specific convenience of Bates Connect means that whenever anyone trips the alarm in your house, Bates Security sends you an e-mail or text to inform you. If a family member returns home and deactivates the alarm, you receive notification. This way, you can truly relax while away from home and not have to worry about constantly checking your home via remote video services. Bates Security is constantly watching your home for you and will give you a heads up the very instant an alarm is set off/deactivated—for whatever reason.

Do yourself a favor this year. Protect your loved ones, your home and its valuables before you find yourself without any valuables to protect. Keep a constant eye on your kingdom with remote video services.


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