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Whether you are a small-business owner or run a Fortune 500 company, securing your assets is a high priority. Theft can occur anywhere, including the work place, whether it is from outside individuals or from your employees.

You may already have an electronic security system, but are you fully protected from external as well as internal threats? A video camera system has the genuine potential to enrich any security system, allowing you to keep eyes on your resources at all times, even when you are not on site.

A Powerful Deterrent

The mere presence of a video camera can be an effective preventive measure taken for both external and internal theft. People tend to be on their best behavior when they think they are being watched. Let them know your assets are important enough to be under video surveillance by placing video cameras in visible locations in and around your commercial property.

Video Recording

If a theft or an incident occurs on your property, having video cameras recording on a Digital Video Recorder or Hosted Video Recorder allows you to view the footage. The images or video can be stored on site or in the cloud and accessed any time.

Remote Access

Keep an eye on your business from anywhere with a security system enhanced with Bates Connect Video cameras. Log in from an offsite computer, smart phone or tablet to arm/disarm, receive alerts and view event-driven video or pictures.

Flexibility and Dependability

Your business security needs are as unique as you are. Whether you have a large lot where equipment is stored or you want to watch point-of-sale transactions take place, there are video cameras suited to every need and environment: indoor or outdoor, IP or analog, monitored or recorded video, there is a solution for you.

Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) offered by Bates Security ensures your video camera system investment is protected. On a yearly basis, cameras are focused, tested and cleaned. Wiring and conduits are checked, and the DVR and recordings are inspected for quality. The system is also inspected as a whole to make sure the cameras are still in the best locations for optimal coverage.

You deserve peace of mind at your business establishment. Contact Bates Security today to find out more about video cameras and other business security solutions.

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