Hard Wired Vs Wireless

There are many options to choose from when researching a new home security system. Hard-wired systems are the traditional means for installation, though new technology offers benefits that have never been available. It is important to know the difference between both before deciding which will work best for your needs.


A hard-wired system involves directly wiring security sensors to the system’s main control panel. Depending on the size and shape of the home, wiring may be concealed within the walls and floors of your home. These systems operate via the home’s electricity and often have a battery back-up system in case of electric failure.

A wireless security system does not require an intricate system of wires or drilling into the walls of your home. Wireless signals are sent from the sensors placed on doors, windows, gates, garage doors and other places in your home to the main control panel. The sensors depend on battery power and need to be checked periodically, which is done by Bates Security’s monitoring station.

Wireless security systems are ideal for renters who can take advantage of the portability of this type of system. This is also beneficial for someone who is considering a home renovation or redesign.


A telephone landline has been the standard in home security systems for many years. However, as technology has evolved, so have our communications options. A major weakness of landlines is the potential of the line being cut, thus deactivating the security system.

Wireless security systems do not require the use of a home telephone line for communication. Instead, signals are sent from the control panel to the monitoring station via cellular technology and 4G cellular towers in your area. Wireless communication is generally more expensive than landline communication, but the costs that you save by eliminating the need of your home phone line are greater than the additional costs of wireless services.

Professionals at your Service

The professional consultants at Bates Security are on hand to meet with you and discuss which type of system best fits the needs of your home. Each home is different and we design and install our home security systems on site to protect all the vulnerable areas. Many providers will ask how many doors and windows over the phone and provide a quote. Bates Security, on the other hand, adds personalization to this quote by providing all of your options and answering your questions on site with a home system design.

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