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Benefits of a Bates Security Home Security System

Selecting the right type of home security system to protect your home and family may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The award winning consultants at Bates Security will help make sure that your new home security system will meet all the needs of your home. Because we custom design each system we install, Bates Security’s home security systems will give you Peace of Mind while you are home sleeping or away from your home.

Bates Security’s wireless alarm systems means an easy installation – no holes or intrusion to your home’s drywall is necessary to install a new security system. In addition, the alarm system’s security panel can send signals wirelessly, meaning no home phone line is necessary for communication.

Our home security systems offer 24/7 monitoring to ensure a quick response in the event of an alarm, fire or other emergency. Using your smart phone, you can control your home security system, video cameras, lights, locks and your thermostat in addition to monitoring vulnerable areas in your home such as liquor cabinets, gun cabinets or pool gates.

With systems starting at no upfront costs, Bates Security has options for every home owner or renter.


Bates Simplifies Security

Bates Security has been locally owned and operated in Lexington, Kentucky for more than 30 years. Our professional staff of consultants, installers and customer service representatives are on hand to make sure that you are comfortable using your home security system. We can take over your existing system, upgrade your current system or install a brand new system with or without a home phone line! Tired of poor service with your provider? Call Bates Security today – our team of in-house Customer Service Center representatives are waiting to help you.
Our full-color touch screen keypads are easy to use and wifi capable. You can view the news, weather and even traffic right from your home security keypad! Connect the lights, locks, thermostat and your garage door to your security system for convenient home automation that can be controlled via your smartphone. We also monitor for water leaks, smoke and heat detection and carbon monoxide.
Bates Security provides full home protection to ensure that your home is a safe place for you and your family. Our affordable systems start with no upfront costs and we have options for every home owner or renter.

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