How Much Does A Security System Cost?

Deciding to get an electronic security system to protect your home and family requires a certain level of financial investment. The question is how much should you expect to pay? It is probably safe to assume that you want to secure the things that matter to you most with a minimal impact to the family budget; however, is security system pricing the only factor that you should consider?

There is a triangle of attributes that consumers look for when shopping for products or services, whether they do it consciously or unconsciously. These aspects are price, quality and service. Providers of home security systems have the same three attributes:

  • Price – Refers to the ability of a security company to provide their products and services at a fee that can be considered cheap, or at least very competitive.
  • Quality – Refers to the equipment used by the security company, whether it is "top of the line” (high quality) or "bottom of the barrel” (low quality).
  • Service – Refers to the level of commitment the company puts into servicing their customers. How responsive are they? Do they stand behind their installations?

You Can Have Two

You can find a company or product which incorporates two sides of the triangle, but very rarely all three. We would love to be able to find that one company which provides its systems cheaper than their competitors, while still managing to install the best quality equipment and have the highest commitment to service. Unfortunately, the reality seems to be that if they provide their product at a low cost, either the quality or the service (or both) suffers. If both their quality and service are excellent, they are probably not the cheapest option available.

Given that you are going to only ever find a company which can excel at two out of the three sides of the triangle, which would you choose to be the two most important attributes when considering who to trust with the security of your home and loved ones? For the money spent, would it not be best to go with a company which has a business model geared toward putting customer satisfaction first?

Commitment to Quality and Service: The Bates Security Philosophy

Bates Security is a Honeywell/First Alert Professional dealer. This means that the burglary, video and life safety equipment they provide is of the highest quality. They also offer a 1-year parts and 90-day labor guarantee on everything they install in your home, so that you can rest assured that the investment you make in the safety of your home and family is well spent.

From the top down, the employees at Bates Security are deeply committed to customer service. Whether you are making an appointment to meet one of their Security Consultants for an in-home walk through, scheduling a technician for service, or contacting the Accounting Department about your bill, you will find that every employee owns aspects of this world-class customer service methodology. At the pinnacle of this philosophy is the Customer Service Center, which is located at their headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. The Customer Service Representatives are dedicated to taking care of all aspects of their customers’ needs, from programming and testing out new systems to dispatching technicians to handle service issues.

With Bates Security, you get high-quality equipment and award-winning customer service. You will most assuredly get what you pay for, at a price that surprisingly will not break the bank. Contact them today to learn about their new "no up-front cost" options, and schedule a free in-home estimate.

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