Wireless Security Systems

Home security options are endless and always changing. Modern technology allows a home security system to be installed completely wire-free, with many exciting options to make securing your home more convenient than ever.


Wireless security systems rely on battery power for its components that eliminates the need for expensive hardwiring. This means that our installers do not have to be intrusive to the walls in your home. You can rest assured that your Victorian-style home will not be tampered with to install your new alarm system. Placement of security devices such as motion detectors or glass break detectors are not restricted with a wireless security system. Bates Security’s central monitoring station receives wireless signals when any device’s battery is running low and will alert you when they need to be changed.

Wireless security systems also save money for homeowners by eliminating the need for a home telephone line for alarm monitoring. Traditional, wired alarm systems require a home phone line for the system to communicate with the central monitoring station. Homes with this type of alarm communication are susceptible to a burglar cutting the phone line to disarm the system.

A wireless security system allows you the opportunity to connect to remote services to arm and disarm your system, plus control lighting, door locks, thermostats and cameras in your home. You can forget about forgetting to arm you system when you leave for work with Bates Connect remote services. You can even put wireless sensors on vulnerable areas such as jewelry boxes or liquor cabinets and be contacted immediately when an alarm signal is received.

How does a Wireless Security System Work?

Rather than using a home phone line or unreliable internet connection to communicate, wireless security systems use radio waves, or cellular technology, to send alarm signals to the monitoring station. The cellular communication device is built right into the security panel and is much safer than traditional wired systems because there are no lines to cut to stop the system from working. It does not rely on your personal cellphone, but rather, uses cellular towers in the area.

Similar to hardwired systems, component sensors send signals to the security panel after detecting motion or activity. The security panel then sends signals to the central monitoring station while simultaneously sounding an audible alarm (optional). The central monitoring station will then dispatch police or other emergency services depending on the type of signal received.

Adding Bates Connect remote services to your wireless security system allows you to receive emails or text messages that will alert you to any alarm activity, whether it’s an actual intrusion at your home, kids arriving home from school or if you simply left your garage door open. Bates Connect allows for 24/7 online access from any PC or smartphone.

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